Client Recommendations

David Ferrin and his team are a breath of fresh air…

arketype architects has been my architect for the last 11 new builds and has assisted in a number of remodels. David Ferrin the architect is professional and knowledgeable. He seems to enjoy doing out of the box designs but is great at any style of home or commercial building. Some of David’s strong points are green building, using new materials, great use of space in and out of the home, working with the client on design and just being a really nice hard working down to earth person with a creative mind. He works in all areas from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

Right now I am working on five detached condos in Port Hueneme that David designed. We are in the final stages and David has been there every step of the way. The thing I love about David is he always takes my calls when he is available and if he is not available he get back to me asap. He does not put me off like some professionals in the construction industry for days. Also he has a great office staff that in a crises helps to think through what can be done until David gets back to you. Working with David Ferrin and his team are a breath of fresh air.

While working with David we received a design build award from the City of Ojai for Excellence in Architectural Design for 3 live work detached condos.

Marty Ingraham, 06.16.15

I was impressed with his “can-do” attitude…

I interviewed a number of architects and talked to a couple of references before selecting David Ferrin and Arketype Architects for my rather different project, that of building a two story home on top of an existing stone warehouse, providing three floors plus roof-deck in a tight urban setting.

Before I selected him, I was impressed with his “can-do” attitude and examples of some of his thinking outside-the-box. The design work I saw was classy and much of it different. His use of materials tends towards the green but when price becomes an issue, he will demur or come up with an alternative. David is quietly spoken and his demeanor is thoughtful, low-key and confident.

The project is still 12 months away from completion (I’m writing this in May 2015 ) so it isn’t possible to give you final comment but to this point I have been VERY happy with his work. He is quick to effect changes and is very thorough with his plans, attention to detail (according to several other architects and planners) being well above what is normally produced. I swear this attention to detail is what allowed our plans to get through to permitting in so few hearings.

Robert Dibley, 05.15.15

He is the best I have encountered…

I was introduced to David Ferrin through his work. I admired a stunning contemporary home on a view site in Pacific Palisades, where I work in residential real estate sales. I encountered the owner walking his dog and asked about the architect. He was delighted with the design and follow-through. I was happy to learn that David works out of an office in Ventura, where I own a property that was badly in need of an update. He was accommodating to my most insignificant questions. We discussed everything down to colors for the exterior. He had an as-built drawn up from which I can contemplate and eventually act. I can say without reservation that I would recommend him. His manner is thoughtful, pleasant. His creativity impressed me. After 40 years in residential real estate sales, and having owned several properties, he is the best I have encountered.

KC Soll, 01.07.15

I would highly recommend them to anyone…

I have been very fortunate to work with David Ferrin on two projects. One a single family home on the beach in Ventura and the other a duplex in Venice Ca. I can’t imagine working with a more talented group of people who listen to you and design exactly what you imagined with their expertise to create a perfect environment. I would be willing to talk to anyone who is interested in more information. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rena Wellman, 05.14.13

Our home is gorgeous…

David Ferrin of Arketype Architects did a major remodel for us on our 1910 Craftsman bungalow. The bottom line is that we will hire him again. Trustworthy, creative, intelligent, and worked beautifully with our general contractor. Our home is gorgeous.

Kristofer Young, 11.15.11

I can’t recommend David Ferrin & Arketype Architects enough…

For a long time, after interviewing over a dozen, I was frustrated in my attempt to find an architect who could handle the details of a complex Wrightian/Launteresque house. This is when a contractor I was interviewing told me he knew “The most creative, detail oriented, & meticulous architect he’d ever worked with…” He was absolutely right. I’ve been working with him ever since (2007). Plus, he’s honest, he’s not arrogant, & his fees are reasonable.

I can’t recommend David Ferrin & Arketype Architects enough…they’re in a class where few reside.

Sam Gerard, 06.26.15